Hate Drugs, Jet Black Alley Cat, Sleephouse, Color Tongue, Megan Vice

Hate Drugs, Jet Black Alley Cat, Sleephouse, Color Tongue, Megan Vice

Fri · March 30, 2018

6:00 pm


This event is 18 and over

Color Tongue
Color Tongue is an energetic Psychedelic Funk-Punk quartet from Brooklyn, New York. They've been digesting all of their influences from Funkadelic to Animal Collective, and regurgitating them into psychotically enjoyable performances all around Brooklyn and Manhattan for the better part of a year. They've been DIY the whole way making their own recordings, videos, projections, and even painting walls in Bushwick, this band leaves their colorful fingerprints on everything they touch.
Megan Vice
Megan Vice
Singer-songwriter Megan Vice was sprouted and harvested in New York, grown on a steady pop/funk diet the likes of Michael and Janet Jackson, Prince, and Zapp. A 90s child, Vice came of age in the golden era of r&b and pop. With such beacons of electronic glamour and groove to light the way, it's no wonder Vice blossomed into equal parts psychedelia and bubblegum.

Vice's debut EP Step on the Scene (2013) was her pop pièce de résistance and an ode to her adolescence and all things 90s. Her impending sophomore release due out mid-2015 serves up Vice's product of infectious, danceable tunes but takes a grittier, guttier turn - a testament to the glittering sonic harmony born out of a perfect musical blend.

Vice has the musical and physical styling of a trippy time warp - somehow transporting the transfixed somewhere smack-dab between a distant electronic future and a dream-sequence revival of flower children and 80s glam. With vocals that raise disco from the dead, shimmering retro beats and a personal brand of body funk, Vice has posted on this planet, in this time, to invigorate dance.
Venue Information:
44 Wilson Ave
Brooklyn, NY, 11237